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Telecommunications Services

The University of Mississippi's Telecommunication Center serves the Oxford, Tupelo, Desoto, Booneville and Grenada campuses. We offer voice services and features, voicemail, customized call answering configurations and both Digital and Streaming cable TV to mention a few...

Avaya IX Workplace (softphone) -This telecommunications app will allow you to log in from your Windows PC, Mac, smartphone, and other IOS devices to make and receive calls as if you were on your office phone.

Voicemail -- Traditional voicemail is available for all campus telephones.

Voicemail POP -- Voice mails will be sent to email as an audio file. The employee will need to be watching for emails and responding to those emails with follow-up phone calls.

Bridged Appearances -- Different phone numbers can be bridged together so that when a phone call comes in, all the phones bridged together ring.

Call Forwarding: A phone number can be forwarded internally to another phone number where someone would answer the phone. External call forwarding has been enabled for the campus. We ask that you please be judicious in deciding which lines you forward to an external number, keeping in mind that these numbers being forwarded do need to be local. As a caution, if we hit our capacity for phone lines in use, it will block any further calls being made to or from campus.

EC500 (extension to cellular): With this feature turned on you can answer your campus telephone calls on your cell phone and transfer them between your desk phone and cell phone, all transparent to the end-caller. With EC 500, you no longer have to give out your cell phone number because when you make a call, your desk number appears. The end caller does not see your cell phone number.

Any one that has subscribed for the EC500 service can activate/deactivate this feature by using a programmed hot key on their desk phone. The service can also be activated from the cellular phone by dialing 915-1743 and deactivated by dialing 915-1844. No monthly fee is charged for this service. There is a one-time programming fee of $35.

The EC500 service is only available for a local (Oxford exchange) cell or home phone and requires that the campus phone has digital service.