Telephone Services

To request any of the following services, go to Request Services. To learn more about a service, go to Services.

Telephone Billing

To view Telecommunications Reports logon to your myOleMiss account and click on the EMPLOYEE tab. Under the TELECOMMUNICATIONS section click the + sign to expand available Apps.

NOTE: Firefox web browsers are not fully compatible with viewing reports. Please use a different web browser such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge when viewing reports online.

    Telecommunications Network Billing will allow you to view departmental annual network bill.

    Telecommunications Reports allows you to view the following reports:

  • Departmental Long Distance: Business related call reports that are charged back to the department.
  • Personal Long Distance: Reports that are related to calls made for personal purposes and are payroll deducted.
  • Annual Departmental Cost: Reports related to annual charges to departments for phone services.

Audio Conference Calling

The University offers several audio conference options depending on your specific needs.

Free Conference Phone Loan

The University can provide an Analog Polycom Conference Phone that can be used to make conference calls, with multiple callers to listen and/or talk on the same call. This free service can be requested by submitting an SAP notification, or for non SAP users go to Request Services. The conference phone can be picked up and returned to Baxter Hall.

Phone Model User Guides

This is a list of current phone models we support on campus.

  • 2420
  • 4621
  • 8410B
  • 8410D
  • 8434
  • 9641