Telephone Service

For Residential Students

A campus phone number can be assigned to a room at no charge. To request phone service, email or call 662-915-5922. Telecommunications will need to know your name, student ID number, and your building and room number. Students that activate phone service in their room must provide their own phone set. Students are encouraged to have a phone in their room in case of emergency.


For University Faculty and Staff:

For a full list of services, go to Services.

To request services, go to Request Services.

Telephone Billing


To view telephone long distance billing reports and reports related to annual charges to departments for phone services, logon to your MyOleMiss account and click on the EMPLOYEE tab. Under the TELECOMMUNICATIONS section click the + sign to expand available Apps. Next, click TELECOMMUNICATIONS REPORTS.

From the Telecommunications Customer Center, in the User Quick Links section, click VIEW MY BILL for personal long-distance reports.

Department coordinators may view departmental long-distance and annual reports by clicking the VIEW MY BILL and ANNUAL REPORTS links in the Admin Quick Links section.

For details on how to view and print your reports, please visit Customer Center Help.

Free Conference Phone Loan

The University can provide an Analog Polycom Conference Phone that can be used to make conference calls, with multiple callers to listen and/or talk on the same call. This free service can be requested by submitting an SAP notification, or for non SAP users go to Request Services. The conference phone can be picked up and returned to Baxter Hall.

Phone Model User Guides

Instruction manuals for phone models currently supported on campus. Please note: certain phone models on this list may no longer be available for purchase or replacement.

  • 2420
  • 4621
  • 8410B
  • 8410D
  • 8434
  • J179
  • 9125
  • 9641

  • Telephone Dialing Instructions