Voice Mail System

Setting Up a New Voicemail Message

Dial extension 5000.

Enter the default password: 1 2 3.

Enter your authentic six-digit password. Verify your password and press #.
Passwords must be six-digits and cannot begin with a zero.

You will hear the voice say the extension name.
To accept this spoken name press 1, to rerecord press 2.
Option 2 will replace the computer generated extension name with your spoken name.

To record messages press 1, to get messages press 2, to administer personal greetings press 3.

Press 3 to record a personal greeting.
To listen to a greeting press 0, to record a greeting press 1, to scan greetings press 2, to delete a greeting press 3, to activate a greeting press 5, if finished press #.

Press 1 to record a greeting.
For personal greeting press 1, for extended absence greeting press 2, for optional greetings press 3.

Press 1 to record a personal greeting. Record your message at the tone. (Ex. "You have reached the voicemail box of (your name) in (your department) at the University of Mississippi. At the tone, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible"). When finished press #.

Retrieving Message

Dial 5000.

Enter your voicemail password, followed by #.

To get messages press 2.

This feature will allow you to retrieve new and saved voicemail messages.

*If you disconnect the call without listening to the new message, the message will be stored as a saved message.

Retrieving Voicemail Off Campus

Dial 915-5000.

Press #.

Enter your extension number.

Enter your voicemail password, followed by #.

For further assistance, please call the Telecommunications Center at 662-915-5922.