• 4.1.1 GENERAL
    Project specifications will indicate who is to be responsible for furnishing, installing and terminating the various types of communications cabling, outlets, panels and other components specified in this section. Unless otherwise noted, Telecommunications Center personnel or its designee will be responsible.

  • 4.1.2 LABELING
    Television cables are to be clearly identified via a painted section or by use of conduit stickers indicating each conduit run; Yellow = television.

  • 4.1.3 CABLE Maximum cable distance must not exceed 90 meters (295ft) or less. If the length of any cable run (RG6) inside exceeds the 90-meter limitation, additional communications equipment rooms shall be used. Cable type to be used is RG6,Shielded 60 % to 77 % braid 75-Ohm Coaxial Cable. This can be found in Either Times Fiber or CommScope. Times Fiber parts # - 02360 - T660-VB Standard. CommScope parts # F677TSV. RG-6 Connector, LRC AUGAT SNAP-N-SEAL Part # SNS6. The two tools that will be needed to prep the cable and to compress the connector on are, Compression tool Part #: SNSUTL. The Coaxial cable Prep tool Part # CST596. 500 OR MAIN LINE CABLE: The .500 cable will run from the basement to the first floor where it will be cut leaving a 6 ft tail. The cable leaving the first floor will also have a 6 ft tail this will be repeated at each communications room up to the top floor where 1 - 6ft tail will end the process. This cable has a minimum bending radius of 30 in. the reason for this is the aluminum shield will break. Coaxial Cable Part Numbers: The part # for the .500 Coaxial Cable installed inside the building from floor to floor is Times Fiber is T10500JX or CommScope PIII 500 JCA. The part # for cable installed outside the building from the pedestal to the building is CommScope PIII 500 JCASP
    Television outlet cable shall be RG-6/U type quad-shielded coaxial 75 ohm.
    Television riser cables in multi-story buildings or buildings with basement MCs and first floor TCs shall be .5 inch rigid aluminum cable (hard-line) or single-mode fiber.
    CATV outside plant cable for all tunnel and underground conduit locations shall be .5 inch rigid aluminum cable (hard-line) or single-mode fiber.

  • 4.1.4 OUTLETS
    Each TV outlet may provide video capabilities and are generally terminated in a type F male connector on a standard wall plate or incorporated into a multi-port faceplate. Customer requirements will be conveyed to Telecommunications Center.
    Each outlet shall be home run to the nearest Telecommunication Closet.


  • 4.2.1 GENERAL
    Information Technology Instructional Technology shall provide the specifications and cable parts for projection devices and /or monitors.
    Projection devices are either ceiling or table type mounts. In each case the conduit must be connected to the front of the classroom or control area.


  • 4.3.1 GENERAL
    Information Technology Instructional Technology shall provide the specifications for the conduit installation and outlet(s) required for a room designated as a High Tech Classroom.
    A High Tech Classroom outlet will provide for the connection of voice, data, video, audio and control devices.

  • 4.3.2 LABELING
    Each end of all cables (UTP, coax, fiber, audio, etc.) and all pairs will be labeled at their termination locations.

    In general, the necessary conduit shall be provided as follows:
    • Primary High Tech Classroom outlet box (4"X4"X3") in front of room or teaching station to hall cable tray
    • Two 1"Primary High Tech Classroom outlet to ceiling mounted box (6"X6"X4") servicing video projector
    • One 2" Primary Tech Classroom outlet to two audio outlet boxes (standard outlet box) servicing stereo speakers and/or wall mounted monitor
    • One 3/4" per audio outlet
    The location and necessity of each will be determined during final design, based on the intended function of the room. The room will always have one primary High Tech Classroom outlet.

  • 4.3.4 CABLE
    The voice UTP cable shall each be four (4) pair category 6, 400 Megahertz (minimum) cable.
    The data and spare UTP cable shall be four (4) pair category 6, 400 Megahertz (minimum) cable.
    The video cables will be RG6/U quadshield coax.
    The fiber will be 62.5/125 multimode duplex fiber - one (1) pair per outlet.

  • 4.3.5 OUTLETS
    The communication outlet will contain a EIA/TIA-568B jack for voice, an EIA/TIA-568B jack for data, an EIA/TIA-568B jack for spare, an F connector for received video, 1 pair of fiber terminated in ST connectors for future data and video requirements and a blank filler for future jack requirements.

    The High Tech Classroom cables shall be terminated in the MC or TC as follows:
    • Voice 4 pair category 6 - voice 66 CAT5e punch block
    • Data 4 pair category 6 - data panel
    • Spare 4 pair category 6 - data panel
    • RG-6/U quad-shield coax - type F female connector, coiled and wire tied or terminated on tap
    • Data/Video fiber (1 pair) - Coiled and terminated ST in FIU. (Fiber Interface Unit)
    NOTE: Voice category 6 shall be terminated to voice 66 CAT 5E punch block.