Cable Television Subscription Service

All residence hall students will receive the Entertainment Basic Package in your room. If you are not receiving these channels follow the link below for reprogramming instructions.
Connecting and Programming Your TV

Please read carefully and then click the "GO" button at the bottom of this page to add, change or terminate cable services.

You must be a current enrolled student living in a residence hall to subscribe to the campus cable television services. Before submitting a request, please check the information you entered for accuracy. Incorrect information will result in services being activated at a location other than where you intended.

Cable service charges are billed monthly to the student’s bursar account. Services are pro-rated, based on when the service is activated. The first bill includes a prorated monthly charge for the first month and one full months charge for the following month. If the cable subscription is canceled, the student will receive a credit to their Bursar bill the following month.

After you have signed up for cable services you will receive an e-mail giving the information you entered. If the information is incorrect, immediately change the information by accessing the web site and entering the correct information.

Please allow at least two business days for service to be activated.

Please read the following agreement carefully. By submitting a request, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations governing the use of UMTV cable television facilities. This agreement is valid only for the CURRENT SEMESTER of your enrollment at the University of Mississippi.

Services Provided:
Entertainment Basic(Included in dorm)
Entertainment Plus ($44.95 per month)
Channel Lineup

The University reserves the right to alter the rate structure and change programming services as approved by University officials.

To add, change or terminate cable services click button: